The main business direction of is machinery rent and sale.

The foundation of the machinery fleet is comprised of machinery provided by a modern company BOBCAT which is well-known worldwide. The machinery is suitable for a wide range of works – construction works, landscaping, lawn and field cutting, snow cleaning, drilling works, etc. We have the main accessories for BOBCAT machinery and constantly invest in the development and renewal of our machinery fleet.

All the machinery available for rent is in very good condition and all maintenance works are carried out only in authorized service centres.

The market also dictated another business direction – assembled roadways. These extremely durable, as well as easily and quickly installed ground protection mats are ideal for protecting the ground from heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic and for temporary work sites where heavy equipment up to 120 tons is used. These mats increase vehicle traction and protect vehicles from slipping on unstable ground.

We provide services for companies and for individuals.

We always consider the needs of our customers, therefore we are flexible, we strive to find mutually beneficial solutions and constantly raise the quality of our services.