AlturnaMATS, Inc ir Checkers Industrial Products, LLC (Zigma® Ground Solutions) ground protection mats made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene. They are flexible, do not break and easily support 80-150 ton vehicles. The mats have been tested inrecord cold and heat, therefore their special durability ensured a lifetime warranty.

Ground protection mats are thin, rugged and lightweight, and can be promptly and easily locked together with stainless steel links. They can be easily loaded / unloaded and assembled by two people.

The range of application of ground protection mats is very wide – these temporary mats are ideal for short-term and long-term construction or outdoor event projects, as they create an extremely durable surface on unstable soil and protect various landscapes – parks, sports fields, lawns, pedestrian pathways, temporary parking lots in fields and lawns from heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic during events. The mats leave the turf smooth, even under heavy vehicles.

The rugged surface of the mats improves vehicle traction and protects vehicles from slipping off to the side, even when the ground is unstable. Thus, these mats are ideal for temporary roads, storage zones and work sites, where stable and durable ground is necessary.

AlturnaMATS products are known and used around the world – from North America, Asia, Australia and Europe to Antarctica. These mats are especially popular among professionals. They are available in both black and white, with a rugged or smooth surface.

Ground protection mats are stored outside. It does not absorb chemicals, water; humidity and temperature differences does not affect its characteristics. It is are resistant to corrosion, chemicals, acids, alkalis and solvents.

On request it can be embossed with company logo, address, or phone number.

Main features and advantages:

- he mats are made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene; - they are flexible, lightweight and do not break; - lifetime warranty; - can be promptly and easily assembled by two people; - support 80-150-ton loads; - can be used at any time of the year; - help prevent damages to the landscape and the environment; - help prevent vehicles from getting stuck in unstable ground conditions; - can be formed into a continuous temporary road surface or track; - links can be selected according to ground conditions and machinery used at the work site; - roadways can be installed on slopes and hillsides.

Key Applications

- Construction - Civil engineering - Ground work - Temporary roadways and car parks - Pedestrian walkways - Heritage sites; eco-sensitive areas - Sports and leisure events - Golf course and sports field maintenance - Landscaping - Emergency access routes - Utilities - Infrastructure maintenance


AlturnaMATS and ZigmaMATS is a preventive measure to prevent machinery from getting stuck in unstable ground conditions, however it is not recommended to use these mats in order to pull out machinery that is already stuck.

The mats are placed on even ground. If it is necessary to place them on uneven or very unstable ground, hillsides, etc., then the mats must be connected, and the ends of the roadway must be fastened with locks. This way the mats will not be pushed out under the wheels or mechanically damaged. In this case, single locks are used. Openings for links in the perimeter of the mats enable to form a surface of desired shape, by connecting mats as road tracks or as a solid roadway.

When it is necessary to create a larger operating width or distribute greater pressure on unstable ground, the mats are connected with double links, i.e. the corners of 4 mats are connected with one link.

The mats cannot be placed on sharp surfaces or ruts, or used instead of bridges. This can cause mechanical damage to the mats.

When placing the mats on clayey wet ground, it is recommended to first place film on the ground, and then lay down the mats on top. This will make the collection of mats significantly easier after use, as they will not be heavily stuck to the ground.

After use, the mats are lifted from the ground using handheld hooks. They cannot be lifted using chains or cables, as this may damage the mats.

The mats must be clean and placed in a horizontal position during storage. Mats that are used properly will serve for a long time. 

We are the official distributor for AlturnaMATS Inc and Checkers Industrial Products, LLC products in the Baltic countries.

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