4  Effects after 5 days: (left to right: clear mat, white mat, black mat) Black mats show heavy browning of grass & burnt leaves. White mats show moderate browning & slightly burnt leaves. Clear mats show NO damage. The choice is CLEAR!


Grass needs sunlight and air to survive.

Most lawn grasses need 4-6 hours of direct sun to survive. Some shade-tolerant grass types grow as long as light hits that 4 hr quota and the light doesn't have to be full sun. Four to six hours of dappled or filtered sunlight can fuel the growth of a healthy lawn.

When soil gets compacted from foot traffic, mowing and the like oxygen can't reach the microbes that break down organic matter to enrich the soil. To keep your lawn healthy, it's a good idea to aerate it periodically to open up the compacted soil.

Roots can be damaged when temperatures are above 85°F. The combination of warm temperatures and lack of moisture can cause cool season grasses to go dormant and turn brown during dry summers.

Unlike CLEAR plastic, black plastic blocks out light, smothering grass roots and preventing new growth.


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