Management of abandoned fields

There are a lot of abandoned fields and uncultivated land in Lithuania. Landfills, shrubs, woody plants and overgrown fields – these are only several reasons due to which your land plot can be included in the list of unused and abandoned areas of land.

Farmers or owners of such land plots that have been included in the map of abandoned areas of land created by the State Land Fund ( must pay higher land taxes – approximately up to 3–4 percent of its value ( This forces the owners to take care of their land and manage the abandoned areas.

We use Bobcats with various accessories for such works. This machinery enables us to cut maintained lawns, as well as abandoned fields with tall grass and woody vegetation. The grass is cut very low, therefore it is possible to level out small uneven spots on the ground – tussocks and molehills without damaging plant roots. The area becomes more even and the grass quickly regrows in the levelled out parts.

We manage abandoned fields, land and homesteads that are overgrown with shrubs. We carry out all land management works.

We cut grass on slopes, roadsides and in abandoned areas.

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