Landscaping significantly contributes to the convenience and aesthetics of residencies. Terrain formation is the foundation for landscaping works, therefore it is best to use the help of professionals in order to achieve the best results.

In order to level the ground and form a new terrain, it is first necessary to remove trash, roots, stumps, etc. from the area. It is important that the vegetation layer under the planting/landscaping project is not mixed with the levelled ground more than 30 cm, and that less additional layers would be necessary for levelling. This can be avoided by selecting appropriate machinery.

Terrain formation can begin after the area is inspected, after we familiarize with the project (if any) and discuss the final goals with you. If the area is hilly and very uneven, it will be necessary to use a larger amount of soil, therefore landscaping works will be more expensive. These costs can be reduced by using construction debris, stones and gravel waste. They can be used to form roads, paths, slopes, elevated areas and rock-gardens. If the area has clayey soil, drainage systems can be prepared from construction debris, for example – it can be used in the construction of a special well for collecting rain water.

Landscaping is carried out by transporting or moving the soil to the necessary location, levelling the area, cleaning the construction debris, removing the vegetation layer, spreading the new layers, elevating the area if necessary, etc. Accurate and good landscaping depends on whether the area is levelled according to the project and whether you achieved the expected final result.

Thus, all that remains is to decide what measures, costs and rate is necessary to achieve this – will you hire a professional team, carry out the landscaping works yourself with minimal costs or choose the most optimal option, i.e. rent appropriate machinery.

If you chose to rent machinery, all landscaping works will be carried out by us promptly and efficiently. Our BOBCAT machinery is universal, manoeuvrable and reliable. Our machinery includes multifunctional equipment that can be used with a variety of mountable accessories enabling to carry out various works easily and promptly, even in hard to reach areas.

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 * Land levelling * Terrain formation * Pushing of the vegetation layer * Spreading of black soil * Transportation of gravel, sand and crushed stone * Covering of excavated trenches * Formation of beds * Uprooting of small stumps * Formation of access roads * Cleaning, loading of construction debris * Preparation of foundation for concreting, paving * Formation of slopes, rock-gardens, pond edges