Outrigger Pads

Lightweight HEAVY DUTY Outrigger Pad

  • Safety textured
  • No delamination
  • Safety orange rope handles
  • Lightweight
  • No splinters
  • Recovery memory
  • No warping after bending

Crane pads are an essential component of the plant hire industry. Outrigger pads are made from 100% recycled High Density (HD) Polyethylene and are ideal for use within the crane and aerial work platform industries. Outrigger pads provide a cushioned support area for heavy loads, giving a stable load platform and preventing ground damage, whilst giving a safe and balanced area to work on.

Outrigger pads are essential to prevent accidents and comply with the health and safety regulations of personnel operating cranes, lifting equipment and aerial platforms.

Advantages of Using Outrigger Pads

Outrigger crane pads are made from a high quality polyethylene, meaning they do not splinter and will not absorb water. They are easy to install and provide a safe working condition for heavy plant. The unique design of our crane outriggers allow each pad to adapt to the working surface and return to its original shape once the work is complete.

These strong and durable products are easy to clean, are chemical and oil resistant, easy to store, and long lasting. Crane pads are an efficient and cost effective solution for outrigger support. Despite being incredibly strong and durable, the pads have a lightweight design, making them easy to install and move around. As they’re impermeable to water, they can be used in all weather conditions and their hardwearing structure also makes them unbreakable during normal working conditions.

- Outrigger pads come in various sizes to suit your project needs and requirements

- Colour, size and company branding are all custom options - contact us for details

- The weight of each pad is dependent on thickness and size

- Made from 100% recycled High Density (HD) Polyethylene

- Crane pads do not splinter and are unbreakable under normal working conditions

- They do not absorb water and can be used in all weather conditions

- Each pad has a high resistance to vertical pressure

- Carry handles make pads easy to transport, install and store 

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