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Rental price

The rental price is indicated under each item of machinery. The rent price also includes technical maintenance during the rental period, operator's services and fuel. Minimum order – 3 hours.


When renting machinery without an operator, its delivery / collection within city limits costs - 30 EUR excluding VAT (one way) 1 km beyond the city limits –  1 EUR excluding VAT

When renting machinery with an operator, its delivery / collection within city limits costs - 35 EUR excluding VAT 1 km beyond the city limits – 1 EUR excluding VAT

General rental conditions

FOR LEGAL ENTITIES: - machinery is rented out to legal entities after concluding a machinery lease contract; - the lessor transfers the rented equipment to the manager of the legal entity or to a person authorized by the legal entity having the relevant rights; - a person acting on behalf of the legal entity must provide a document confirming the authorization to act on behalf of the legal entity and an identity document with a photograph.

FOR PRIVATE CUSTOMERS: - private customers who wish to rent equipment must provide original identity documents (optional) with photographs – passport, identity card or the new version of the driver's license, and a document confirming the natural person's place of residence (vehicle's technical passport may be provided, if the customer is the owner of the vehicle); - the natural person must indicate where, for what purpose and for how long he intends to use the rented equipment; - phone number of the customer;

If a private customer does not allow making copies of his personal documents or refuses to provide the listed documents, then equipment may be rented to him only in cases and under the conditions (advance payment must be provided) established by the management of the lessor;

Machinery may be rented out with or without an operator. If machinery is rented out without an operator, the lessor does not provide instructions and shall not undertake to provide instructions for the lessee (employees of the lessee, etc.) on how to work with the rented equipment. Each lessee shall be personally responsible that the rented equipment is operated by a person who has the appropriate rights and permits to do so, is properly trained to use such equipment and is familiar with the operating instructions of the rented equipment.

Return of machinery

The rented machinery must be clean when returned, or additional payment must be provided for its cleaning.

UAB Topra Group reserves the right to change or update the rental conditions.