VersaMATS literally are the most versatile ground protection mats in the industry. The flat, slip-resistant tread permits pedestrians to walk safely on the mats, yet they are as rugged as the original AlturnaMATS. The reverse side has the same diamond plate 6tread as AlturnaMATS, providing great traction for vehicles.

VersaMATS are also available in white, making them ideal for safe use as long walkways even in darkened conditions. They are also available smooth on one side.

-Leaves turf smooth even in soft soil conditions -Tough 1/2" thick recycled polyethylene -Two practical cleat designs for walking and vehicle traffic -Withstand 120-ton loads -Build a temporary roadway or walkway in minutes.


Single Turn-A-Links lock mats end-to-end or side to side. You can make your own “roadway” using Single Turn-A-Links.
The galvanized Turn-a-Links are made of the same steel material, but now have a galvanized coating. The links are cleaned in a hot acid solution, directly dipped into an 800 degree galvanizing solution and then cooled with an even thickness of a galvanized coating.


Double links (567 g) are used to create a platform, connecting four mats together at the common corners.
Duble links create an instant portable roadway or working platform for as long as you need it. Connect easily. Ideal when working in harsh sites or when the job requires several days to complete.


E-Z Links are a convenient linking system for the AlturnaMATS and VersaMATS. The E-Z Link system can be used with the VersaMATS for pedestrian applications as well as for the movement of light, compact equipment when positioned on stable ground conditions. The new E-Z Link system allows for a rapid connection and dismantling of VersaMATS.


The mats can be easily moved from one place to another using a handheld hook. This is especially convenient when you need to collect the mats after use. The hook is 91.44 cm long and weighs 1.13 kg.


AlturnaMATS and VersaMATS are available in an economical package of 12 mats plus accessories and a convenient metal storage-skid rack.


We are the official distributor for AlturnaMATS Inc and Checkers Industrial Products, LLC products in the Baltic countries. 

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